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After riding road bikes for many years the speed and efficiency of those bicycles still surprises me. There’s no better feeling than having “god-legs” and just keep on pushing on those pedals and flying through the landscape silently.

I’ve been very fortunate living in Nice for a year and being able to ride some of the most beautiful parts of road that you can find out there.

Check out my Blogpost about the best cycling tours in and around Nice, Côte d’azur.

Check out my Bikepacking Project “Alpencross” which is happening June 2023

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Mountainbiking is absolute freedom, no limits where you go every road, trail, and path is open to you. pushing up technical trails and getting into a state of flow when you descend them back down again.

A beautiful dance of balance, technique, strength, endurance and courage will be required

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Mountaineering is all about finding the balance between what is too dangerous and what is a risk that is acceptable, the group dynamic and decision taking as a team.

You need to be a real teamplayer to mountaineer together.

Standing on the top of a mountain you just climbed feels great, no doubt about that.

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Skitouring, what a beautiful way to access the mountains during wintertime. If you like hiking and skiing you will love skitouring. 

Skitouring can be a very dangerous sport, but if safety is considered and all measures are taken, it’s definitely some of the most beautiful things to do during winter.

Be aware about avalanches and all the other hazards in the mountains.

Check out my Skitouring Packing list to not forget the essential items.

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I don’t like spending 100% of my time in the backcountry on skis in winter. About half of my skiing days are done in a ski resort. When there’s not a lot of good powder, there’s always a good opportunity to hit the slopes.

Hitting jumps or carving your skis through hard packed slopes with racer sharp edges feels just incredible.

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